Welcome to Columbus Indiana Dog Park

Columbus Indiana Dog Park Association (CIDPA) is a not for profit group of dedicated volunteers with the common goal of operating and maintaining the dog park in Columbus.

Our purpose is to provide a safe place for our dogs to run and play off-leash, promote new friendships amongst dog owners and most importantly, help retain a sense of community.

A Dog Park, or Off-Leash Recreation Area (OLRA), is a fenced, designated area where dogs may legally run, play and socialize with each other "off-leash" under the supervision and voice control of their owners.

There are numerous benefits of a community dog park

•Socializes and exercises dogs in a safe environment

•Promotes responsible pet ownership

•Enables dogs to legally run off-leash

•Promotes public health and safety

•Provides a valuable tool for realistic enforcement of dog control laws


The Columbus Indiana Dog Park does not use any tax dollars to maintain and improve the facility. Therefore it is critical we have community support in the form of memberships and donations of time and money to help manage the operations of the park, and keep it open and available to the public.

Dog Park Membership

Annual membership to the park is $60, with on-time $20 fee for processing. This gives you access to the park from dawn to dusk 7 days a week. Visit the membership section to find details on how to apply.

Dog Park Day Passes

Are you interested in the dog park, but not sure you want to make the commitment?  Day passes are now available for purchase in the lobby at Hotel Indigo.  Cost is $5.00 per pass, cash only please.  Proof of rabies vaccination is required at time of purchase.
Hotel Indigo is located at 400 Brown Street, Columbus Indian

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You can donate with Paypal

or write a check to 

P.O. Box 2503
Columbus, IN  47202

Thank your for all the time and support you have given CIDPA.  We can't wait to report on the success of this challenge!

The dog park is located at: Clifty Park Columbus Indiana

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